About me




in love with life

based in Poland, always ready to travel

my name is Magdalena.
I am so honored that you are here.
Photography is my passion, work and education - in 2019 I graduated from the Polish National Film School.

PRZESZCZĘŚLIWI Studio was founded out of love for love, for love of emotions, for love of people.
I am grateful that I can be a witness to your wedding and your happiness. Capturing your emotions, smiles and happy tears in photographs is my goal.


I come from a small town near to Bieszczady Mountains in Poland.

Who else fell in love with mountains?

Let's make some photos there!

I am based in Poland, but whenever the opportunity arises, I hop in the car/train/plane and I'm going ahed with the accompaniment of my favorite music (sometimes Pink Floyd, sometimes Miles Davis...). I love travels. Wonderful, when these trips end with my meeting with you and taking a lot of photos.

I know perfectly well emotions and feelings just before the wedding and during this special day. I have it freshly behind me!
I also know how valuable it is to have good and professional people around you. 

You are the main characters in your own story.
All that matter is between you.
Everything else is a beautiful backdrop to your fairy tale, which is just beginning. 

My goal is to make pictures that will bring a smile to your face and a tear of nostalgia
in the corner of your eye.